August 16

Innovative Ways to Use the Dodge Journey's Built-in Storage Compartments


ice chest inside the 2018 Dodge Journey at Huffines PlanoModern drivers are spending more and more time behind the wheel. Our vehicles are becoming our busy family’s dining rooms, living rooms, and sometimes even a bedroom under the stars. All this activity comes with stuff that needs a place to stay when not in use. Let’s explore these four innovative ways to use the Dodge Journey’s built-in storage compartments.

In-Floor Storage

Thanks to the Journey’s smart storage system, there’s a nook and cranny for everything. Hidden away in the Journey’s expansive cargo area, you’ll find the in-floor storage solution. Use this handy containment area for those things you want to keep out of sight like baby wipes, jumper cables, or valuables.
Pack road-worthy essentials in this compartment, including a poncho that goes from picnic blanket to a handy raincoat if you find yourself changing a tire in bad weather.

Fold Flat Seats

Second-row fold-flat seats offer up an impressive 67.6 cubic feet of space. Whatever the size or shape, imagine all the things you can fit inside the 2018 Dodge Journey. With so much open area, you can load up this SUV with furniture, a birthday bike, or camping gear. Stock up on a month’s worth of household essentials from your favorite big box store. Yes, there’s plenty of room for that.
Whether you’re hitting the highway to a popular domestic destination or you’re moving across town, the Journey’s fold flat seats are going to come in handy. Take advantage of overhead carriers that add even more total space to your Journey. Avoid making multiple trips or having to overstuff your vehicle with a carefully configured packing strategy.

Built-In Cooler

That weekend soccer tournament has never sounded better than with a factory installed cooler right in the Journey’s floor. Just add ice and your favorite beverages and get the party started. Going fishing? Use the handy in-floor cooler to transport your catch or pack it with a picnic lunch before you hit the lake.
Heading to your local grocer or farmers market? Often we have tons of stops to make before we get home to the fridge, and you don’t want your food to spoil.  When temperatures are on the rise, keep your goodies fresh and cold and prevent wilting with your new Journey’s built-in cooler.

In-Seat Storage

Keeping your car organized is easy with Journey’s storage solutions. The front passenger seat offers in-seat storage space that’s the perfect hiding place for your loot. On the road with your iPad or other valuables? Stash them in the Journey’s in-seat storage.
This innovative storage spot is also a great place to put road-tripping gear you can quickly grab at the rest stop, such as bug repellent, a first-aid kit, and an extra cell phone battery. Just stow and go with your new Journey.
Grab your gear and take advantage of these four innovative ways to use the Dodge Journey’s built-in storage compartments. Test drive your favorite trim at a showroom near you, starting at $22,995.
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