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How To Get The Most out of the Jeep App

As a driver, you’ve probably had an experience where you couldn’t locate your keys just as you were about to leave your house. Or maybe you’ve occasionally opted to rush to your car to avoid the summer heat only to find your car as hot as the heat you were escaping. Jeep has an app that can solve some of these common inconveniences and so much more.

For instance, the Jeep App allows you to remotely lock and unlock your car when you can’t trace your keys and cool the vehicle before occupying it. The Jeep App also gives you more control of your car through the assortment of safety, emergency, and infotainment features accessible even when you’re testing your Jeep’s prowess in the great outdoors around Plano, Texas. Let’s explore the Jeep App’s popular features and functions below.

My Dealer

Jeep Steering Wheel

Jeep Grand Cherokee by Petr Magera is licensed with CC BY 2.0

How can the Jeep App help when you run errands around Plano and detect something wrong with your vehicle, like a squeaky noise or reduced vehicle performance? What if you’re visiting a new city and need to fix your tires before continuing with your trip? With the My Dealer feature, you can find the closest car dealership near you or schedule a service appointment to solve your vehicle issues and emergencies. You can also find a solution by contacting a dealership through the My Dealer feature.

Digital Glovebox

The Digital Glovebox replicates the physical glove box in your car where you store your essential documents, such as the owner’s manual. Your owner’s manual contains all vehicle details necessary for servicing per the manufacturer’s instructions. With the Digital Glovebox, you can conveniently access all your Jeep details if you need to fix your Jeep quickly. This Jeep App feature is most useful when you are off-roading and need to get back on the road soon.

My Garage

When you go to a service center for routine maintenance, tire rotation, oil changes, or any repairs, you often need a record of your last servicing so that your technician can address any irregularities. The Jeep App’s My Garage feature keeps a record of your service history readily available whenever you need it. You can also access information about the state of your vehicle parts, such as the powertrain, brakes and suspension, and the functioning of the safety systems. 

Recall Alert

Recall alerts notify you if there are any open recalls to your vehicle. With this feature on the Jeep App, you’re just one click away from reading any info on any vehicle recalls. Such notifications help you act soon as you get the alerts and therefore help in improving your overall safety on the road. 

Remote Start or Stop

With the remote start button, you can start your Jeep by tapping the start button while you’re close to the vehicle. When you tap the start button on your screen, your Jeep automatically activates your previous pre-set climate controls for your comfort. When you want to stop the car, you may tap the button on the screen again.

Remote Door Lock/Unlock

This convenient feature allows you to unlock your car when you’re close to it by sending a cellular command. It’s perfectly suitable for moments when you accidentally lock your keys in the car or when you misplace them. The lock feature also boosts your car safety by automatically locking up your Jeep’s doors for you if you forget to do so manually.

Send ‘N Go

When planning a weekend trip or getaway around Plano, you can type the location on your phone and send it directly to your car. Tapping the Send to Vehicle button can share your destination with your car. When you’re in your car with your ignition started, the directional information will appear on the vehicle’s Uconnect touch screen to guide you during the trip. 

Vehicle Finder

When you attend an event with many attendants, you can often have a challenge identifying where you parked your car afterward. The Vehicle Finder feature helps you locate your car by activating your vehicle’s horn and exterior lights, enabling you to trace and hear your car in the parking lot.

Valet Mode

If you’re going to an establishment with valet parking like a restaurant, you may worry about your car’s safety after handing over your keys. The Valet Mode on the Jeep reduces the engine’s power and ensures that the vehicle has enough power for parking. Reduced engine power also restricts any joy rides a valet may want to take. 

Family Drive Alerts

If you’re handing your keys over to your teenager, you may want to ensure their safety by keeping track of what they do. The Jeep App gives you Family Drive Alerts for Speed, Curfew, and Boundary. For these alerts to work, you need to set the limits for how fast your teenage driver can go, when they can drive your car, and select a map of the routes they can use. You get an alert when your teenager deviates from the set limits.

Install the Jeep App and Enjoy Its Diverse Convenient Features 

Whether in your home or on one of your adventures, the Jeep App lets you stay connected and in control of your vehicle through various features. You can closely monitor your vehicle’s health and keep track of your service history to keep your car running at optimal performance. The Jeep App is available in online app stores, so you can get it today and try out its diverse convenience, safety, and security features. At Huffines CJDR, Plano, we want to keep up with the changing times and the new adjustments between technology and service provision.

We have a customer service team dedicated to adapting to these changes, responding to your queries, and organizing car maintenance appointments. If you already use the Jeep App, you can schedule your next service with us via the app. We can also assist you in setting up the app. Contact us if you have other questions about the Jeep App or general car maintenance.


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