August 17

Where to Go for a Swim in Plano


Places to Swim in Plano, TXYou’re looking for relief from the heat. You’ve drunk plenty of water and you’re wearing as little clothing as legally possible, so you’re not sure what else to do. Or maybe your kids have spent plenty of time in front of the screen and you want to keep them active. But when it’s so hot, you don’t want to force them out into the sauna of the outdoors.
We have good news. Summer isn’t just for barbecuing and lighting fireworks. It’s also a great time to take a dip. Swimming is an excellent way to stay active and cool on Plano’s hotter days. Here are a few places to go for a swim.

Plano Aquatic Center
You don’t want to go swimming just anywhere. Especially if you’re taking kids, you want a place that follows regulations and has plenty of lifeguards. Check out the Plano Aquatic Center at 2301 Westside Drive. For three dollars (for those ages three and up), you can enjoy a safe, relaxing swim. The Center is open at noon Monday through Friday and at one on Saturday and Sunday. Looking to plan a pool party? You can rent the indoor pool for up to two hours. Want to give your kids some extra experience? Enroll them in swimming lessons at the Center.
Collin Park Marina
Maybe a standard pool just doesn’t cut it and you want to do more than just swim. Come to Collin Park Marina at 2200 St. Paul Road just outside Plano in Wylie. Those who don’t feel like taking a swim in Lavon Lake can stick to the campground and park and still enjoy the sunny outdoors. The Marina is also a great place to keep your boat or rent one for the day. After a few hours of fun, check out the Harbor House floating restaurant and club.
Liberty Recreation Center
Have you wanted to add swimming to your daily workout? At the Liberty Recreation Center, located at 2601 Glencliff Drive in Plano, you can exercise in the weight room (complete with both machines and free weights), then get your cardio in at the pool. Not too confident in your swimming abilities? Enroll in one of the swim classes. Once you’ve had enough of the water, wind down with some table tennis or billiards.
Jack Carter Pool
These days, we expect a lot out of our pools. The Jack Carter Pool at 2601 Pleasant Valley Drive in Plano is much more than just a concrete box filled with water, it’s a full on water park. In addition to a standard pool, Jack Carter also includes a dual rider tube slide, a lazy river, a deep water pool with platform diving and a climbing wall, a surf simulator, leisure pool, and much more.
Don’t suffer through the heat; summer is meant to be enjoyed. Cool off in one of the many swimming areas in and around Plano. Bring your friends and family or go it alone. Either way, you’ll find yourself coming back to your favorite place again and again.
Photo by Hypnotica Studios Infinite via Flickr | Licensed under CC BY 2.0 | Cropped from original


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