June 29

See if You Can Make it out of These 4 Dallas Area Escape Rooms


Dallas Escape RoomsEscape the room games are getting popular all over the United States and have become a great new way to have fun with a big group. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, escape the room games are just what they sound like: you get “locked” (although they’ll let you out anytime) inside a themed room filled with puzzles and challenges that require individual and group ingenuity to solve within a certain limit in order to break out of the room. Here are some awesome escape rooms in and around Dallas for both beginners and group escape masters. Here is our updated list of popular Escape Rooms to visit!

Jailhouse Justice

Escape Hunt Dallas hosts this Wild West escape room for 4-12 players. You and your group have been falsely accused of cattle rustling. Before you can hang the sheriff is called away, and you have 60 minutes to find a way out of the cell and clear your name before he gets back. The larger size accommodation is uncommon for these games, which usually hover around a 6-person limit. Give this one a try if you have a big group of people who like the western theme.

Dead End

Hosted by Escape Expert, this is an awesome choice for Halloween, or if you’re looking for a scare anytime of the year. The insane Dr. Moriarty is performing grisly experiments on human cadavers. You and your group break into his home in order to gather evidence and bring him to justice, but are captured and left in his house with a timed bomb. You’ll have to get out of the grisly home before it explodes. Escape Expert records statistics of each of their rooms, and Dead End is currently listed as the one with the lowest escape rate, making it a truly horrific and exhilarating challenge, win or lose.

Circuit Overload

Another escape room offered by Escape Hunt Dallas, Circuit Overload is a time traveling sci-fi themed challenge for up to six players. A computer hardware fault has threatened all present and future technology, and you and your team are members of a secret time traveling society who correct irregularities and restore order. It’s up to you and your group to go through the time portal and resolve the complex hardware issue in 60 minutes before the time portal has to close.

The Epicurean

Hosted by Escape This, the Epicurean puts you and your group on a quest to investigate Raphael Gustav, a world-renown chef with too much mystery around his cooking. You sneak into his kitchen to investigate whether he’s using secret chemical ingredients that would negate his accolades. However, you have only so much time before Gustav returns, and he’s known for his violent temper. Out of all Escape This games, the Epicurean has the highest success rate, making it great for first timers.
Escape the room games are fun team-building exercises and great for a mentally stimulating night out with friends or family. Give some of the above rooms a try if they interest you, and be sure to check out the other rooms and escape game businesses all around Dallas.

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