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What Your Child Should Have Before Going Back To School


While we’re all enjoying the freedom of summer, the new school year will be here before you know it. Is your child ready to head back to the classroom? If they are, you can help prepare them for learning with these items every child should have when they return to school.

Essential School Supplies

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Stocking up on essential school supplies ensures your child has everything they need to participate in the year’s lessons successfully. These supplies may include notebooks, pens, pencils, or mathematical instruments, such as a protractor and compass. Many schools distribute lists of essential school supplies or post them on their websites. If your school doesn’t, you can search online for the recommended supplies for your child’s grade level.

Involving your child in the shopping process can excite them about the year ahead. If any supplies are unfamiliar to them, you can practice using them together so they feel more comfortable when school starts.

Some Fun Non-Essential Supplies

You don’t just have to stick to the essentials. Do you have a little extra room in your back-to-school budget? If so, treating your child to a few non-essential items can make returning to school more fun. Think color-change markers, a pencil case featuring a favorite character, or a new backpack or water bottle.

Nutritious Food That’s Easy To Prepare and Eat

You probably have lots of time for leisurely breakfasts and lunches during the summer, but that all goes out the window once the new school year starts. In fact, studies show that 13% of school-aged children skip breakfast. When you analyze 12- to 19-year-olds, that number jumps to 27%.

Whether they sleep through their alarm or struggle to get moving in the morning, these kids are missing out on the nutrients they need to stay alert, solve problems, and regulate their behavior in the classroom. Having a good range of nutritious food they can grab on the way out the door, such as fruit, hard-boiled eggs, nuts, and homemade trail mix, will ensure your child has the fuel they need to get through the day.

An Alarm Clock

Buying your child a personal alarm clock before the school year starts is a great way to teach them responsibility and help them get to class on time. This purchase can also help you get your cell phone out of your bedroom, allowing you a better night’s sleep. An alarm clock with a radio or cute design can excite your child about the purchase.

You’ll be able to get your child into the habit of setting their alarm clock each night and organizing themselves for the school day. When setting a suitable time to wake up, consider how long your child takes to get ready and their commute. At first, it’s a good idea to set your own backup alarm in case your child forgets to set theirs or sleeps through it.

New Clothes

While your child probably doesn’t need a whole new wardrobe, most parents will need to buy a few new clothing items to replace outgrown or worn apparel. Assess everything they’ll wear at school, from underwear to sweaters, and fill in any gaps in their wardrobe. You might also need to supply clothes for specific classes, such as workout clothes for gym class or a smock for art lessons. Thrift stores and outlet malls can help your dollar go further. Review the school dress code to ensure you buy appropriate attire.

Cute and Practical Accessories

Accessories can also be a practical and stylish addition to your child’s back-to-school wardrobe. You should first check their regular school shoes and gym shoes to see how much wear they have left. There are often great footwear sales before school starts, so it might be worth replacing them now rather than later. Next, consider seasonal items, such as a wide-brimmed hat for sun protection during spring and a light jacket for the mild Texan winter. Lastly, an umbrella, raincoat, and galoshes will prepare your child for wet weather in fall and spring.

School Donations

Some schools ask students to donate general classroom items at the start of the school year. While donating isn’t compulsory, supplying a few things will allow your child to feel included and teach them the importance of contributing to a team. A few helpful supplies you can buy for the class include facial tissues, hand sanitizer, and pencils.

Personal Items

Even though some classrooms provide personal items for students, some kids prefer having their own. These supplies can also be handy during breaks and when your children travel to and from school. Tissues, hand sanitizers, and medications such as headache pills and antihistamines can all come in handy. You may also like to buy pads or tampons for your teenage daughter.

Permitted Electronic Devices

Your school’s policies will dictate whether you should invest in electronic devices before the start of the school year. Some schools prefer that students leave electronic devices at home to minimize distractions and the risk of theft or damage. Others welcome students bringing cell phones to school to stay in touch with family during breaks. While some schools have ample computers for students, others with more limited tech tools encourage students to bring their own laptops or tablets.

Remember to check the school’s electronics policy and supply devices that keep to the guidelines and benefit your child. If the school prefers students keep devices at home, ensure you have a reliable high-speed internet connection and a computer for researching and typing assignments.

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