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Ways To Enjoy Spring in Plano, TX


With temperatures rising and flowers blooming, spring is right around the corner in Plano, Texas. If you and your family are ready to get outside and take in all the beauty the new season has to offer, there are plenty of ways to do it nearby. At Huffines CJDR Plano, we want everyone to experience a magical springtime in our hometown. From fun family projects and activities to peaceful nature excursions, here are some spring activities for families of all shapes and sizes to enjoy in Plano.

Pitch a Tent

Tents Outside in Parks

Photo via Flickr by Mike Burns

Whether you’re hanging out in the great wilderness at a local spot like the waterfront East Fork campground or exploring your own backyard, there’s something magical about camping out under the stars. Grab your kids and set up the campground of your dreams. Pitch a tent, build a pillow fort, and gather around the fire (or just gather). Although s’mores are optional, connecting with your family in the beauty of nature is definitely on the menu. Check out some other great local camp spots and start planning your family’s spring wilderness adventure. 

Explore a Local Park

During the springtime, there’s nothing better than getting outside and exploring the beautiful natural scenery in your town. Whether you want to take in the views from Arbor Hills Nature Preserve‘s observation tower or relax in the shade at Prairie Meadow Park, your family will surely have a great time checking out some of Plano’s best parks. If you’re feeling bold, you can even make a day out of seeing how many local parks you can hit. Check out the city’s list of parks to start planning your family’s day out.

Join (Or Start) A Sports League

Spring means the start of many favorite outdoor sports activities. From baseball to tennis, athletes are lacing up their shoes and stepping out onto the pitch, court, or field. If one of these activities tickles your family’s fancy, you can easily sign up for a league or event. Explore Plano’s winter and spring activity catalog to get your family in the game.

You and your family also can start a league of your own. Grab your friends and get outside with whichever game grabs your attention. You can go traditional, or you can make up your own rules for something totally new. Invite over your neighbors to watch, compete, or just hang out. The true competitors can keep score, but you can also just play for the love of the game. The best part of your family’s league is that it belongs to you, and no one can tell you how to run it. Why not start a new spring tradition today?

Plant a Garden

A spring garden is a great project for any family who’d like to watch life bloom right before their eyes. Teach your kids the basics, or if you’re not much of a green thumb yourself, you can learn together. Grab some fruit, veggie, and flower seeds and get ready to watch them grow. Although a garden can be a big commitment, it’ll be more than worth it to show your kids the benefits of hard work, perseverance, and a gentle, nurturing touch. And when your crops do bloom, you can take in the glorious and delicious results of your dedication.

If you have the space for it, you can always start a garden right in your own yard. But if you’d rather connect with some other local families, you can always look into a community garden like the Plano Community Garden right in your area. Whether you and your family want to volunteer, grab your own little plot, or just stop by and see what the community’s growing, a community garden will surely help you make the most of all those spring showers.

Drive With the Windows Down

Simple and classic, there’s absolutely nothing like taking a family drive with the windows down and the spring air circling the cabin. Pile your crew into your vehicle, pick the best tunes you can find, and head out. When you’re driving like this, the destination hardly matters. Go ahead and belt out your favorite tune at the top of your lungs. ‘Tis the season.

If you want to make a whole day out of your drive, you can always make the trip to a nearby attraction like the scenic Lake Lewisville. Water views will greet you and your family as you motor around this popular destination. If the spirit of adventure really takes your family, you can always stop somewhere that strikes your fancy, get out of the car, and make a day of it. No matter where you go, it’ll be a wonderful day on and off-road.

Soak in the Sun

Sometimes the best way to take in the spring season is to simply be outside. Find a blanket, put on your sunglasses, and let the grass tickle your bare feet as you do your normal daily activities from your outdoor office. Take lunch in the park, or dinner at the lake. The opportunities are endless. Whether you and your family want to grab your favorite books and enjoy each other’s quiet company, or you have a new movie begging to be projected on the lawn, there’s something to be said about simply taking your winter activities and moving them outside. 

Anything can be an engaging spring activity when the weather’s this good. And anywhere can be a spring oasis as long as you and your family are outside. Check out popular local spots like the Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve for a sunny day out in the company of other Plano locals, or grab a bench at the Historic Downtown Plano Arts District and people watch the day away. You can’t go wrong as long as the sun is out, and you are too. 

At Huffines CJDR Plano, we love a good springtime tradition, and we hope that this list can help you and your family make the most of our favorite season. What’s your favorite part of spring? Are there any family activities or traditions you’re especially proud of? You can always contact us and let us know today.


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