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Tips on Using the Uconnect Navigation System

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One of the most exciting aspects of buying a new vehicle is all the new gadgets and abilities you get to learn about and use. One of these enticing technological abilities is Uconnect Navigation system, available on Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, and Ram vehicles. Doing a little research and being prepared with all the information necessary to set up your system and connect it with your compatible devices can make your user experience more enjoyable.

Whether you have a strong background in technology or are new to these navigation systems, you’ll find that setting up Uconnect to support your driving experience is an exciting step in vehicle ownership. Read on to learn some of the standard capabilities of Uconnect, how to set it up, and some tips to get you acclimated to its capabilities.

Key Capabilities

Uconnect is a collection of advanced infotainment technology that allows drivers to remain connected, protected, and entertained no matter where they wander. Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, and Ram vehicles are all equipped with the same features which include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity with compatible devices.
  • Siri Eyes Free.
  • High-resolution touch-screen interface.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone app integration.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation system.
  • Music streaming directly from your device.
  • SiriusXM.
  • Mobile Wi-Fi.
  • Uconnect Access app remote vehicle connectivity.

It is important to set up your system to benefit from roadside assistance, remote vehicle lock and unlock abilities, stolen vehicle assistance, vehicle finder, and vehicle health report. The Uconnect system can help you manage and care for your vehicle by allowing you to lock and unlock doors from virtually any location. You can start your vehicle to warm it up on a cold morning or cool down the cab on hot summer days.

In a crowded parking lot, you’ll be able to sound the horn and flash the lights from a distance to help you find your vehicle quickly and safely without wandering in an unfamiliar area. In the unfortunate event that you do find yourself stranded on the road, you can contact Customer Care or Roadside Assistance with the touch of a button on your linked phone.

Initial Registration

It may be necessary for you to register your Uconnect phone connection for Dodge or Jeep. If you’ve already begun the setup process and found that your device is having connectivity issues, or if you are having trouble pairing devices, you may simply need to register your Uconnect. Take the following steps to help guide you through the initial registration process:

To register your Uconnect for Dodge, Chrysler, or Ram:

  1. Push the “Assist” button on your rearview mirror.
  2. Select the Uconnect icon visible on your touch screen.
  3. Let a Uconnect Care Agent register your vehicle and handle the remainder of the process.

To register your Jeep Uconnect online:

  1. Press the Uconnect app button.
  2. Select the “Register by Web” option.
  3. Enter your valid and active email address. 
  4. Check your email inbox for a link to complete your registration.
  5. Create an account and begin using the benefits of your trial.

How To Set Up Uconnect

Next, you’ll need to pair your compatible device or devices with your vehicle and Uconnect system. With a few simple steps you can connect to the Uconnect infotainment system. This will enable you to make calls, stream music, and access all of your favorite smartphone apps right from your vehicle’s touch screen. Use the following steps to help guide you:

  1. Depress the Uconnect button on your touch screen or steering wheel.
  2. Wait for the prompt, then clearly say aloud “set up” and “phone pairing.”
  3. Say “pair a phone” when prompted by the system about what you want to do.
  4. Locate the PIN using your owner’s manual. You can also enter the default PIN, which is usually 0000.
  5. Confirm the PIN when prompted.
  6. Clearly state a preferred name for your phone or compatible device.
  7. Set your regular device as the priority phone.
  8. Locate the Bluetooth menu on your phone or device and ensure your device is Bluetooth enabled.
  9. Prompt your phone to search and find a new device to pair with.
  10. When it appears, select Uconnect on your smartphone.
  11. Enter the four-digit pin displayed for the Uconnect system and your device and Uconnect system are paired and ready to use!

In Case You Need To Reset

No matter how updated, technology can be tricky. If your system begins to freeze up regularly, it may need to be reset. Before you begin the following steps, consult any instructions in your owner’s manual to ensure you don’t accidentally erase the upgrades your dealership installed upon your purchase. These resetting steps are for the 8.4 system. If you have any questions, contact your service team for support. Consider the following steps:

  1. Place your vehicle in park and in “run” mode.
  2. Press and hold down the volume and tuner knob buttons simultaneously for 10 to 20 seconds.
  3. Release the knobs when you see the screen flash your vehicle brand name and then go dark.

After a brief amount of time, the vehicle make name should reappear, your system will restart and then return you to the main screen.

These minor steps to help you reset the system should prove beneficial in dealing with minor software glitches, phone connectivity issues, navigation glitches, system lags, screen freezes, and other minor issues.

Taking the proper steps to register and set up Uconnect ensures that you benefit from all the perks of owning a Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, or Ram vehicle. You’ll get to fully enjoy the features that your automobile comes equipped with while using your own compatible device to easily link your own information, safely make and take phone calls, and enjoy your own playlists without extra steps.

Contact us or come by Huffines Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM Plano for your questions regarding Uconnect or to set up some routine maintenance, such as an oil change or tire pressure check. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to help you and support you throughout the vehicle ownership experience. What do you think of Uconnect? Do you have a favorite feature? Stop by and let us know. We are eager to hear your thoughts!

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