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The Three Must-Try Burger Places In And Around Plano


From stripped down versions of the meat and bread combo to crazy, creative versions, burgers always offer something new to try. The same holds true for Plano. Whether you love something basic or a burger slathered up with crazy sauces and toppings, the Texas town has your back. If you’re always on the prowl for the best thing between two slices of bread, check out these must-try burgers near Plano.
Ye Ole Butcher Shop
If you’re going to talk about burgers, all conversations start with Ye Ole Butcher Shop. Novice burger fans may look right past this place when looking for a burger, and rightfully so. Who goes to a butcher shop for a burger? A further investigation reveals that this is THE spot to get a burger; Ye Ole Butcher Shop has consistently been voted as the top burger in Plano.

When you walk into Ye Ole, you’ll instantly catch the aroma of meat cooking on the grill, but there’s nothing fancy about it. You can opt for a beef, buffalo, or turkey burger topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cheese, and pickles. That’s it. There’s no fancy sauces or condiments. It’s just high-quality meat that melts in your mouth.
Nest Burger
Founded in 2003, Nest Burger is the brainchild of two former graduate school classmates that found they had more love for burgers than business school. After traveling throughout the country with their white-collar jobs, they sampled plenty of burgers, taking notes and trying to concoct the best burger. That’s how Nest Burger was born.
Perhaps the best place in Plano for gourmet burgers, Nest Burger isn’t pretentious about it. The menu has nothing but classics such as a cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, or a burger smothered with mushrooms. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, opt for the lamb burger or the spicy jalapeno burger that will set your mouth ablaze. Just don’t forget to grab a drink with that order.
Dugg Burger
Dugg Burger isn’t your average burger joint, bringing a fresh idea to the burger scene. Ordering is a process, but this should help you. First, select a “dug out” bun or bowl to serve as the base of your creation. Once you’ve selected that, choose a protein, cheese, and toppings such as mixed greens, chili lime slaw, crispy onions, fire roasted jalapenos, or sauteed mushrooms. If you’re doing it right, make sure to top it off with their famous Dugg sauce.
Their fries are also mandatory eating. Made fresh in-house every day, these fries are the perfect mix of salty and crispy. Paired with a burger, a soda, or a local craft beer, these fries are simply amazing. If you’ve saved some room at the end, don’t miss out on their bread pudding made from the dug out parts of the bun. Topped with warm caramel sauce, it’s heaven in a bowl.
The next time you have a hankering for a juicy, delicious burger, don’t underestimate Plano’s burger scene. You’re sure to find the perfect place to call your favorite burger joint.
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