February 14

Spend the Day Exploring Historic Downtown Plano


Places to visit in Downtown Plano, TXHistoric downtown Plano is a vibrant urban space that offers beautiful old buildings, great restaurants, loads of shops, and museums. If you take a walk down 15th Street, for instance, you’ll find antique shops, quaint little boutiques, art galleries, and Georgia’s Farmer’s Market, which sells fresh, organic produce from local farmers. Here are a few other places worth visiting in downtown Plano.

ArtCentre of Plano

The historical building the ArtCentre is located in started out as a general store in 1854, but over the years has been home to a large variety of businesses, ranging from a hardware store to an opera house to a saloon to an undertaking business. This building currently serves as a space where various kinds of arts are performed and displayed. At the ArtCentre, you can attend a play, meander through a sculpture or painting exhibit, or enroll in a class such as fabric design, oil painting, or steel sculpture.

Haggard Park

If it’s a beautiful day, take a stroll through Haggard Park. This recreational park, situated in the middle of the downtown area, boasts a playground, a pond, a beautiful gazebo, picnic areas, and chess boards. The restrooms are clean, and drinking fountains are available throughout the park. The park regularly hosts Community Band concerts, so you may catch a performance or two if you’re lucky.

Interurban Railway Museum

In Haggard Park, you’ll find the Interurban Railway Museum, which houses exhibits on science, electricity, and Plano’s history. Current temporary exhibits, for instance, include “Mayhem on the Interurban,” which showcases crimes and disasters that took place on the interurban system of Texas over the years, and “Growing Pains,” which is an updated exhibition on the history of Plano that now includes the America Indians’ history.
Outside the museum, volunteers dressed up as Motormen will give you a tour of the restored train car. Admission to this museum is free. Complimentary guided tours for school groups are also available.

Art & Wine Walk

If you visit historic downtown Plano between April and December, you can join an Art & Wine tour. On this tour, participants walk through the downtown area, stopping at regular intervals to sample wines at shops in the area. The walking tour also includes live music and access to curated art exhibitions. Throughout the downtown area, and specifically at the ArtCentre, participants will see plenty of artists and vendors exhibiting their wares.
After the Art & Wine Walk, participants are invited to a night of fun at Hub street. There they can enjoy live music and good food and drink while interacting with other art and wine fans.
Historic downtown Plano is a bustling and colorful urban area that boasts a lively performing and fine arts culture, great restaurants, and plenty of shops, antiques, and museums. If you’re looking for something exciting to do, take a walk through downtown Plano. You’re bound to be entertained with good food and wine, engaging art, and some foot-tapping live music.
Image by Scott Vann via Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Cropped from original


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