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Safety and Security Features of the Ram 1500

truck profileIf you’re in the market for a full-size pickup truck, the Ram 1500 is probably one of the first vehicles that you think of. The Ram 1500 has graced American roads since 1993 and it has won multiple awards. When evaluating any new vehicle, two critical aspects to consider are safety and security. This article overviews and explores the safety and security features of the latest Ram 1500 model; the 2021 Ram 1500.
Blind Spot Monitoring
Blind spot monitoring uses sensors to detect vehicles in adjacent lanes. The blind spot monitoring system is available as an optional upgrade on all Ram 1500 models, and it’s well worth the investment to get the added safety. Enhanced with advanced features such as rear cross-path and trailer detection, the blind spot monitoring system works with any of the trailers you might be towing, regardless of the length, and helps to ensure trailer safety while you maneuver.
Using the blind spot monitoring system decreases the chances of collisions with vehicles in adjacent lanes. When the system senses a vehicle on either side of your Ram 1500, it alerts you to that vehicle, giving you greater awareness of what’s around you.
360-Degree Surround Camera
Also available as an optional upgrade is the 360-degree surround-view camera. The system uses four different cameras to stitch together a full 360-degree surround view of your Ram 1500. You can watch the surround-view camera on the center stack of the vehicle.
From a safety perspective, it’s incredibly useful for pickup trucks to have this type of camera. The larger size of pickup trucks makes it more challenging to safely park in tight spots or to securely hitch a trailer. Using the 360-degree camera gives you an awareness of your surroundings that just isn’t possible using your own range of motion.
Uconnect 4C NAV
The 1500 Ram comes with advanced infotainment in the form of the Uconnect 4C NAV system. You can access the system using a large 8.4-inch touch screen. In addition to its customizable interface and range of entertainment options, this infotainment system also provides you with valuable security features.
For example, the SOS call feature lets you make a call to emergency services in the event of an accident. Also available is the ability to link your smartphone with Uconnect and receive theft alarm notifications in the event that someone attempts to break into your truck. It’s worth noting that you can only receive these theft alarm notifications if you use the factory-installed alarm on the Ram 1500.
Air Bags
Any vehicle with claims to maximizing passenger security must come with a comprehensive air bag system. The Ram 1500 comes with six air bags in the cabin. These air bags include supplemental side curtain air bags. The benefit of side air bags is that they protect the head and torso in side-impact collisions.
Air bags are designed to automatically inflate in the event of a sudden deceleration that indicates a collision. Air bags save lives, and you can rest assured that your Ram 1500’s air bag system is there to help when you need it.
High-Strength Frame
The Ram 1500 has a superb high-strength frame that’s designed to protect both the driver and passengers in the event of a collision. The door beams and frame are both constructed with high-strength steel. The steel frame of the Ram 1500 is tested to 50,000 psi. This means that the Ram 1500 can withstand 50,000 pounds of force per square inch, which shows that a lot of attention has been invested in providing you with a highly durable, strong, and frame.
The Ram 1500’s crumple zones are another useful design feature that reinforces the concern for safety that is built into these trucks. Crumple zones can absorb much of the force that impacts a motor vehicle during a collision. The result of building crumple zones into the body of the Ram is that passengers are even more protected.
Electronic Stability Control
An important reason many people invest in a pickup truck is that they need a powerhouse vehicle that can perform tough towing jobs. Any towing job automatically comes with an added safety challenge. The Ram 1500 excels at performing towing jobs, thanks to both its power and safety. The electronic stability control feature helps you regain control in the event that your truck doesn’t have enough traction while towing a trailer.
Improving the utility of the electronic stability control are features like hill start assist and trailer sway control. Starting on a hill can be intimidating under normal conditions. When you’re towing a heavy trailer, these situations become even more dangerous. Hill start assist maintains pressure on the brakes to stop your Ram 1500 from accidentally rolling backward or forward.
Tire Pressure Monitoring System
An important part of staying safe on the road is making sure that the air in your tires is at the right pressure. Underinflated tires become more exposed to wear and tear. In extreme cases, they can even blow out on the road. The Ram 1500’s tire pressure monitoring system puts information about the air pressure levels of all your tires on the vehicle’s driver information display. By quickly identifying when tires are either inflated too much or not enough, you can avoid potentially dangerous situations.
Smart Braking
Braking is an important safety component for all vehicles. Since pickup trucks tend to be heavy, designing the best possible braking system is critical to safety. The Ram 1500 comes with available smart braking technology, including forward-collision warnings with active braking. This system can automatically apply the brakes when it detects an imminent forward collision that you don’t respond to. The active braking system can bring your Ram to a complete stop if that is necessary.
That wraps up this overview and exploration of the 2021 Ram 1500’s key safety and security features. If you want to get your hands on the latest Ram, you can view our range of new Ram trucks today.
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