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Rev Your Engine With the 2018 Dodge Demon


2018 Dodge DemonThe heat has the potential to bring out the dark side in us all. The frustration that’s sick of sweat and burning skin. But some of us embrace that dark side. It’s just who we are. We like the frustration because it fuels our passion. If that sounds like you, it’s time to pour that passion into the upcoming 2018 Dodge Demon.
This rubber-burning, record-breaking beast is built for those looking for an unconventional car. One that’s not afraid to bend the rules or change them altogether. Here are a few reasons why you should embrace the dark side and rev your engine with the 2018 Dodge Demon.

You’ve always wanted a vehicle with some kick. One that punches you in the chest when you slam on the gas and tear off the line. The Demon is built to do just that. This muscle car features the highest g-force by a production vehicle: 1.8 g. The Demon hits this record-breaking g-force thanks to teamwork between a Torque Reverse Launch System and a TransBrake feature, which work together for maximized acceleration and torque.
Fastest Quarter-Mile
The 2018 Demon isn’t just built for trips to the store; it’s built for the strip. Burn off the lot and watch the speedometer climb higher than you’ve ever seen it go. The Demon maintains the fastest quarter mile (9.56 seconds at 140 miles per hour) of any production car. That means you don’t have to spend millions to get the speed those vehicles enjoy. Everything about the Demon makes it built for speed. It’s made to deliver the best of mechanical and electric tuning and maximum launch grip without sacrificing control.
The records just keep on going. Thanks to the Supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI SRT Demon V8 engine, the Demon can generate a staggering 840 horsepower. This engine was built for speed and power. While it certainly shares aspects of its structure with the V8 Hellcat engine, the Demon’s personal variation includes a larger supercharger, increased boost pressure, a higher RPM limit, and two dual-stage fuel pumps instead of only one. You’ll never feel bored driving the Demon.
Keep it Cool
With all that power, the Demon needs a way to cool down its monster of an engine. Fortunately, the 2018 Demon features a 45.2 square inch Air Grabber hood scoop, the largest functional hood scoop on any production car out there. Dual Air-Catcher Headlamps also increase air intake. At its best, the Demon draws in an airflow rate of 1,150 cubic feet per minute, once again the largest air induction volume of any production car. This maximized airflow adds 17 horsepower all on its own.
You’ve put up with mediocre cars for long enough. You’ve subdued your dark side and bought sedans and crossovers when you really deserve something that roars when it revs, a muscular beast like the 2018 Dodge Demon. The Demon is scheduled to release in the fall of 2017, so stay tuned into Huffines Chrysler Dodge Jeep Plano for updates.
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