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How to Prepare Your Truck for Winter in Texas

Winter driving tips in TexasOne of the best things about living in Texas is that winters are typically very mild, meaning you don’t have to worry as much about inclement weather interfering with your driving. That being said, even a mild winter can result in some driving challenges, which is why it’s important to make sure that your truck is ready for this season. Here is some advice for getting your truck ready for winter.

Get Your Truck Serviced

Because winter weather such as snow, ice, and sleet is so uncommon in Texas, many drivers assume that they’ll never encounter these forms of precipitation. Unfortunately, it is still possible to encounter winter weather in Texas, and if you’re not prepared, your safety can be at risk.
Even if you don’t think you’ll need to drive through snow or ice, you should make sure your truck is ready for these driving scenarios. Have your truck inspected before winter arrives to make sure there aren’t any problems that could be exacerbated by winter weather. Request that your service technicians check your battery so that you can see if you need to invest in a replacement before the colder weather arrives. You should also have your fluid levels checked and replenished if necessary.

Pack Cold-Weather Equipment

If you frequently drive your truck to remote areas, then the biggest risk of driving during the winter is having your vehicle break down and leave you stranded. Should this occur, you want to know that you’ll be safe until help arrives, which is why it’s important that your truck is packed with a few pieces of equipment.
Most importantly, you should be sure to store some items that will help you stay warm. Keep a few blankets, a warm pair of gloves, and a set of snow boots in your truck. You may also want to pack a sleeping bag just in case you have to wait an extended period of time for assistance. Invest in a portable phone charger so that you can keep your phone powered and stay in touch with others. Maintaining a supply of non-perishable food and some bottles of water is also a good idea.

Keep the Fuel Tank Topped Off

One of the biggest risks of the winter season is having your fuel lines freeze. Fortunately, preventing this issue is actually very easy. First, you should make sure that your gas tank is at least half full throughout the winter. Keeping enough gas in your tank will prevent moisture from accumulating, making its way into your fuel line, and freezing.
Second, if possible, you should avoid parking your vehicle out in the cold. If you have a garage, make sure that you store your truck in this structure until the weather turns warm again. Limiting your truck’s exposure to the cold will help keep your fuel lines in working order all winter long.
If you want a safe and happy Texas winter, you need to make sure your truck is ready for the challenges of cold-weather travel. Utilize these basic tips, and you shouldn’t have any trouble driving your truck around town this winter.
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