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Is it time for new brakes?

Brakes are one of the most important components of any vehicle. It’s essential that any time you drive, you’re driving with brakes that are in perfect working condition. Luckily, it’s often easy to tell when you need new brakes, as your car will give you some signs. Below are some common signs to look out for, and if you start to notice them, schedule a brake maintenance appointment at a local service center as soon as you can.


The manufacturers of brake pads design them to squeak as they begin to wear down. Underneath the brake pad is a metal surface. Once the brake pad wears down far enough, this metal surface becomes exposed. Then, when you apply the brakes, you get a metal rubbing against metal sound, which causes a squeaking or screeching sound. You’ll likely notice the sound when you apply the brakes but you could also hear it just as you’re driving. Try opening up your window and applying the brakes, listening for any high pitch sound.


Another common sound is a grinding sound. This can happen if there is a mechanical issue with your brakes or if your brake pads wear down too far. The grinding sound is unmistakable, and much like with the squeaking, you’ll hear it when you apply the brakes. You may also feel the grinding a little when you apply the brakes. Pay attention to how your foot feels when you apply the brakes and see if it feels any different or if you can feel a grinding sensation.


Not every indication of a brake issue is in the form of a sound. Sometimes you may feel your car vibrating when you apply the brakes. If your car is shaking a lot when you apply the brakes, this could be because the rotors have worn down unevenly. Try to eliminate other sources of vibration from consideration when analyzing your brakes, such as driving on a bumpy surface. If you feel a vibration in the pedal and steering wheel every time you apply the brakes, especially at high speeds, it’s time for an inspection.

Soft Pedal

When you push your foot down on the brake pedal, it should feel firm. You shouldn’t have to push too much for the brakes to start working, and the harder you push, the faster you slow down. If you go to push down the brake pedal and it feels like it’s going down very easily, this could be due to an issue with your brake fluid. It’s possible that you are low on fluid, that air found its way into the system, or that you have a leak. No matter the reason, you’ll want to get it checked out soon, as you want your brake pedal to be as responsive as possible.

Taking Too Long to Stop

The whole purpose of your brakes is that they stop your car quickly when you need them to. If you’re hitting your brakes but it feels like it’s taking too long for your car to stop, this is something worth checking out. It’s possible that your brake pads have worn down or that you have a brake fluid leak which is causing the issue. A good service center in Plano will give your brake system a thorough inspection and ensure your vehicle is able to stop as quickly as it’s supposed to.

Brake Light

Finally, some cars will give you a clear indication that there is something wrong with your brakes. If you see a warning light on your dashboard that says “brakes”, your vehicle has detected an issue that you need to examine. This feature is available on most modern cars but it doesn’t always catch every issue. Take a look in your owner’s manual to see what the brake light looks like for your vehicle so that if it appears, you’ll know what it means. The brake warning light, combined with the other indicators above, should give you a good idea as to when you need brake service.

Benefits of a Brake Service

Once you suspect an issue with your brakes, don’t put off getting it inspected. Having an expert perform brake service comes with several benefits. The biggest benefit is that it helps to keep you safer. With properly serviced brakes, you’ll be able to stop your vehicle quicker, which is key to avoiding many accidents.

In addition, brake service leads to a more enjoyable ride. No one wants to drive around with a loud screeching noise coming from their car or the feeling of a rough vibration every time they press the brakes. Some simple brake service can get your car back to normal and eliminate many of those annoying symptoms.

Finally, brake service can improve the value of your vehicle. The main way it does this is by helping you avoid accidents, which can significantly lower the value of your vehicle. Beyond this, when it comes time to sell your car, the buyer will want a vehicle with perfectly working brakes. By taking care of this before the sale, you make it more likely that someone will want to buy your car.

Choose Huffines CJDR for Brake Service in Plano

When you need brake service in Plano, trust the experts at Huffines CJDR. Whether you’ve noticed one of the warning signs mentioned above, or you just want to give yourself some peace of mind before a long trip, our technicians will ensure that you have an effective brake system within your vehicle. We’ll inspect every inch of it and determine the best way to service your brakes.

Don’t put off taking care of your vehicle’s brakes. They are perhaps the most important component and, therefore, need the most attention. To learn more about how Huffines CJDR can help you take care of your brakes, or to ask us any questions, please contact us today. We are always available to provide you with any information you may need or to schedule a time for you to visit our service center.


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