August 30

What to Include in Your Jeep's Emergency Kit


Tool box with screw drives and other tools.Even if you have roadside assistance, it’s helpful to have some useful items tucked away in your Jeep. Having a well-stocked roadside kit in the trunk of your car is more than just a luxury; it’s essential. Use this handy checklist to learn what to Include in your Jeep’s emergency box.

The Human Comfort Kit

A first aid kit is always number one when it comes to comfort. From ibuprofen to band-aids, everyday disasters like headaches are quickly averted with a handy first aid kit. Pack your favorite granola and energy bars and several bottles of water. Add in a warm blanket and a roll of paper towel for spills and dirty hands. A pen and paper are a must to write a note in case you end up having to leave your Jeep in a pinch.

A Basic Car Care Kit

This kit includes jumper cables, a flashlight and extra batteries, flares to alert other drivers, and a tire pressure gauge. Grab a tire inflator like Fix-A-Flat so you can seal a leak and get to safety. Pack a spray bottle with water in case your Jeep gets muddy and you run low on windshield washer fluid.
It doesn’t hurt to have a quart of oil and a bottle of anti-freeze on hand as well, especially if you’re coming off a mountain trail. Who knows if that stump you crawled punched a hole in your Wrangler’s radiator. Make sure your tire changing gear is still in your cargo area and your spare is tucked away safely, mounted in the undercarriage.

Tool Kit

If you’re in a bind, a hammer and screwdriver just might turn lady luck in your favor. Add a pair of pliers, a large adjustable wrench, and a pocket knife or multi-tool such as a Leatherman Charge Al prep kit. This tool is designed for emergencies, with extra sharp scissors and removable bits. Store a car escape tool with a window breaker and seatbelt cutter in your glove box.

Setting It All Up

Pack all your essential items in a plastic bin or durable canvas bag, and store it neatly away in your Jeep’s cargo area. Make sure it’s quickly accessible. The last thing you want to do is fumble around when you’re already distracted by current events, like a dead battery.
Take the extra time to familiarize yourself with all the items in the various kits that make up your emergency collection. Read the directions on the back of the tire inflator can and the instructions if you’ve never used a flare. Having the information in your head before you need it will help keep you calm when things start to heat up during a stressful situation.
A roadside emergency kit often means the difference between getting back on track or being stranded in the car for hours. With a little planning, things will go more smoothly. If all else fails, at least you have the comforts of food, water, and a blanket until your rescuers arrive.
Image by allenallen1910 via Flickr | CC BY 2.0 | Cropped from original


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