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How To Start The New Year Off Right


Each year you may start the new year optimistically, thinking that you will stick to your goals this year and transform your life for the better by this time next year. Then, by around February, you may have abandoned your intentions because you found it difficult to follow through without a plan. This year, it’s going to be different. You will conquer your goals. Our team at Huffines CJDR Plano wants to help you keep track of your goals and maintain your motivation by sharing some tips on how to start the new year off right.

Make a List of Your Goals and Prioritize Them

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One way to start your year right is by creating a list of the goals you’d like to accomplish within the year. You can create a comprehensive list with everything that comes to mind and organize it later. Another way is to create simple goals to work toward each month. After you’ve listed your ideal new year’s resolutions, it’s time to prioritize them.

Think about the most important ones, like earning a promotion or spending more time at home with your family. Create a new list with the prioritized order. This way, you know which ones to focus on the most throughout the year and which ones you can work on when you have time.

Create SMART Goals

Create SMART goals to ensure you stay on track with your resolutions and complete them on time. SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. These types of goals are effective in helping you remain focused because it keeps you accountable with your time throughout the year. It’s also an easy way to help you know you’re achieving the resolutions you planned.

Talk About Your Goals With Others

Another way to start the new year off right is by holding yourself accountable for your goals by talking about them with others. You can also ask a friend or family member to be your accountability partner. They can ask you how you’re progressing in your resolutions and what you’ve accomplished since you last spoke to them. Getting an accountability partner or having someone to talk to can encourage you to keep working on your goals. This way, you have something new to share with them each time.

Talking about your goals with another person can also excite and motivate you to plan more and work on them rather than keeping your ideas in your head. Additionally, when you’re chatting about resolutions with others, you may get new ideas or strategies to tackle them.

Schedule Time for Yourself

It’s essential to schedule time for yourself because it helps you reset, which is vital for ensuring you start the new year right. Taking the time to do things you enjoy without pressures or expectations may inspire creativity for your projects. Additionally, making time for yourself can lower your stress levels and increase your mood, memory, and brain functions because relaxation encourages your mind and body to rest and repair. Here are some ideas you can do during the time for yourself:

  • Read a book.
  • Watch your favorite movie or show.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Make time to exercise or move your body.
  • Journal.
  • Listen to your favorite music and dance.
  • Get to sleep early enough. 

Pursue a Work-Life Balance

While it’s good to start the new year ambitious with your professional and personal goals, it’s also good to pursue a work-life balance. A work-life balance can encourage better mental health and improve your focus at work. To get a work-life balance, you may find it helpful to take frequent breaks, not work through lunch, and ask others for help when needed. A balance between your professional and personal life can also help prevent burnout, which can cause physical symptoms and discourage you from working on your personal goals.

Adjust Your Goals as Needed

If you need to, adjust your goals throughout the year rather than give up on them. Modifying your goals can help you focus on implementing a habit into your life, such as exercising or reading, without adding unnecessary stress to your life if you notice you’re falling behind. Make your goals fit into your life rather than trying to make your life fit into your resolutions. This can help you maintain your motivation to keep working on your goals.

Examples of New Year’s Resolutions

With new year’s resolutions, it’s most beneficial to pick something you’ve been wanting to implement into your life or something you may find helpful to add to your routine. Selecting something that ignites your passion or sparks your motivation to continue working is essential to maintain your goals throughout the year. It’s also beneficial to choose only a few rather than trying to take on a handful and getting overwhelmed soon into the new year and giving them all. A few resolutions to work with can be sustainable for you.

If you need help with where to begin with your resolutions, here are some ideas of what to make your resolution for the new year:

  • Create and stick to a budget.
  • Read one book each month.
  • Cook one new recipe a week.
  • Learn a new skill or try a new hobby.
  • Visit somewhere new.
  • De-clutter your home or space.
  • Start a new business.
  • Spend less time on your phone.
  • Make more time to spend with your loved ones.
  • Volunteer at your favorite local nonprofit organization once a month.
  • Earn a promotion or salary increase.
  • Spend more time outdoors.
  • Get a new job.
  • Earn a new degree.

So, there you have it. Our team’s recommendations for how to start the new year off right. What do you think of our tips? Do you have suggestions you swear by that work every year? Contact us, and let us know.

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