September 13

How to Get the Most Out of Your Car Stereo


mp3 player connected to a car stereo You spend a ton of time in your car, whether you’re commuting to work or taking your kids to soccer practice. That means you need a quality car stereo to entertain you during that time. If you’re not happy with your current stereo, you don’t necessarily need to run out and purchase a new one. These tips will help you improve what you already have.

Install New Speakers

Speakers aren’t at the top of manufacturers’ minds when they build your car. While newer cars have better speakers than older models, it’s still worth it to update your speakers. If you don’t like your sound quality, consider installing a set of aftermarket speakers. You’ll experience better clarity and your bass will be tighter. You may also notice more details in songs that you didn’t know existed with your old speakers. While new speakers won’t fix every sound problem, they can go a long way toward improving your sound quality.

Upgrade Your Head Unit

Upgrading your head unit is one way to improve your audio quality. This will especially help if you want to install an amplifier or your current system doesn’t have preamp outputs. Another reason to upgrade this is to improve the quality of digital music in your vehicle. If there’s no built-in DAC that’s high-quality, you won’t hear quality audio conversation from your MP3 player or phone. You will need a proprietary connection or USB connection to have this work, so recognize that you’ll need to connect your phone to the stereo with a USB cable instead of an auxiliary input.

Choose Better Quality Music Files

While you may be able to store a higher number of music files on your phone or device when you use more compression, they’ll only sound great when you’re listening on your headphones. You tend to lose low-frequency and high-frequency information when music is compressed in addition to the details that make a song unique. If your main source for playing music in your car is your smartphone or MP3 player, try to use the least amount of compression possible. The higher your bitrate is, the better quality sound you’ll have in your car.

Add a Car Amplifier

When looking for the best speakers to improve your bass, an amplifier will help solve your problems. Having more power will help your speakers perform better. A different amplifier will provide additional clean power that a car stereo can’t, which will end up making a huge difference in the quality of sound you hear. The overall sound will be better, whether you’re listening to a podcast or rock music.
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