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Get Your Cup of Joe at these Plano Coffee Shops


a coffee cup with a latte with latte art in itLooking for a cup of joe? Plano offers a variety of unique coffee shops that you can check out, no matter your roast or brewing preferences. Fill your cup at any of these caffeinated locations.

Mudleaf Coffee

Located at 3100 Independence Parkway, Mudleaf Coffee is a trendy coffee shop with a diverse menu. Open six days a week, this coffee spot offers Cultivar coffee in a variety of brewing methods. Choose from house coffee, a pour-over, an Americano, an espresso, a cortado, a cappuccino, a latte, or a cold-brew coffee. You can also opt for one of the shop’s more popular drinks, such as its lavender honey latte, wedding cake latte, or mocha. Polish off your drink with an item from Mudleaf’s dessert menu that includes an assortment of cookies and muffins.

XO Coffee Company

XO Coffee Company uses high-tech brewing equipment to craft its caffeinated beverages. Located in historic downtown Plano, this coffee shop is open daily and offers comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi. XO Coffee Company has lattes, cortados, cappuccinos, and pour-overs. Coffee lovers will enjoy the shop’s nitro cold brew.
Along with coffee, the restaurant also has a wide variety of farm-to-table food options that are sure to satisfy your breakfast or lunch cravings. Pair any of their coffees with a blueberry waffle, Nutella-stuffed French toast, or sauteed wild mushroom scramble breakfast.

1418 Coffee House

Another downtown location is Plano’s 1418 Coffee House. Open seven days a week, this indie cafe offers a variety of coffee drinks like macchiatos, café au laits, espresso, cold brew, and drip coffee. Some drinks with notable names include The Beez Kneez, a cafe latte or cappuccino with honey and cinnamon, and The David Mason, a café latte made with maple syrup and brown sugar. Dairy-free customers can take advantage of the shop’s selection of oat, almond, or soy milk.
Along with a fine selection of coffee, 1418 Coffee House also offers pastries, including a lemon cranberry muffin, a gluten-free brownie, and a jumbo cinnamon roll. Pair any of these with a cup of joe to fuel your morning.

151 Coffee

151 Coffee offers a wide selection of classic and specialty drinks. Along with drinks such as a cappuccino, an Americano, or an espresso, the coffee shop also offers uniquely crafted drinks, including the 151 Mocha, the 151 Caramel Macchiato, the Coconut Mocha, and The Islander. The Islander is a chocolate macadamia nut latte made with coconut and white chocolate. If your taste buds are asking for a cold drink, try 151’s frappuccino, cold brew, or nitro brew.
The shop also offers a variety of sauces and flavors to help you customize your drink. Notable flavors include creme de menthe, brown sugar cinnamon, blue raspberry, pineapple, and almond. Many of the shop’s flavors also have a sugar-free option.
Whether you’re a coffee novice or coffee expert, Plano has plenty of options for your caffeine needs. Stop by any of these locations to get a coffee to go, or take a seat and enjoy the ambiance.
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