January 10

Five Must-Have Jeep Accessories for the Family


Jeep accessories in Plano, TX Whichever model of Jeep you drive, it’s a comfortable ride when you’re cruising on the freeway, but it’s just as happy getting down and dirty when you go off-road. But sometimes, when you’ve got a family, some extra accessories are useful to carry all the gear you need and to childproof your car. Here are five family-friendly accessories for your Jeep.

  1. Thule Snowpack Roof-Mount Ski & Snowboard Carrier

If you’re thinking of heading to the slopes for some recreation with your family, this carrier will hold up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards. The two one-key locks secure the rack to your Jeep, and your gear to the rack. It will fit most factory roof racks on Jeeps. Soft rubber arms grip boards and skis firmly without causing scratches. An oversized push button allows you to open and close the rack easily even when you’re wearing bulky ski gloves.

  1. Slush Mats from Just for Jeeps

Let’s face it – kids are messy! If they’re eating or drinking in your Jeep, stuff is going to get spilled, dropped, and trodden into the floor. Also, if you’re into the big outdoors, it’s likely that you’re going to bringing mud and grime back on your hiking boots. Slush mats specifically designed to fit perfectly in your model of Jeep add an extra layer of protection. They’re made of rugged rubber and feature deep treads and high walls to handle whatever gets thrown at them. The mats are easy to remove for cleaning and will keep your car’s carpets looking great.

  1. Lolldeal Car Vacuum Cleaner

Ideal for that dropped snack or dried mud, the Lolldeal auto vacuum is a powerful hand-held cleaner. It plugs into your Jeep’s cigarette lighter or 12-volt power outlet and the 14.8-foot cord allows you to reach every area of the car. The cleaner features a slim pivoting nozzle which will clean in tight corners and crevices. The filter is removable and washable to keep the vacuum working at full power. The handy carrying bag can be easily stored in the back of your Jeep.

  1. Cargo Management System First-Aid Kit

When you’ve got kids, they’re going to get cuts, grazed knees, and bruises, so having a first-aid kit handy in the car is essential. This Cargo Management System kit comes in a pouch with the Jeep logo and mounts on the cargo rails making it easy to reach in an emergency. It contains 22 vital medical items. While you hope to never need it, you will have peace of mind knowing it’s there.

  1. Seat Covers

Custom-made seat covers come in a variety of durable materials and designs, enhancing the look of the interior while also protecting it. When you take the family hiking, swimming, fishing, or skiing, the seat covers are absorbent and are easy to wash. They all feature the Jeep logo and won’t interfere with the seat adjustment.
These are just a few of the Jeep accessories that can help to protect your car from the trials of family life.
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