July 12

Enjoy a Glass of Wine at One of These 4 Best Restaurants and Bars


Red wine being poured into a wineglass At the end of a long workday, there are several ways to relax. If you’re like many people in Dallas, however, your favorite way to unwind is by enjoying a tasty glass of wine. Fortunately, in the Dallas area, there are several world-class bars and restaurants where you can grab a great glass of wine. Learn about a few of the locations where you can enjoy a glass of wine, so you know where to go for your next happy hour.

The Alcove

The Uptown area of Dallas features a variety of excellent wine bars, but for young professionals, the most popular spot is The Alcove. This bar differs from other Dallas hotspots in that it also serves world-class espresso, meaning you can visit in the morning for your first cup of coffee and in the evening for an after-work drink.
The relaxed atmosphere of The Alcove makes it the perfect spot to meet up with your friends at the end of the workday. If you’re in the mood for a glass of wine, they offer sparkling whites, refreshing rosés, and rich reds. The Alcove also provides a great selection of draft beers.

Cork Wine Bar

If you’re a true wine connoisseur, then the best spot for you to visit in the Dallas area is Cork Wine Bar. This bar has been designed with wine lovers in mind and provides a wide range of vintage wines you can sample.
A unique touchscreen and pour system makes it easy for you to try out any of the wines available at Cork. This bar offers 48 different wine options, with new wines being introduced monthly. If you find a wine that you’d like to take home, you can head over to their retail shop, which features hundreds of types of wine. You can even sign up for a membership so you never miss out on one of their events or delicious wines.

Veritas Wine Room

Veritas Wine Room is another great spot in Dallas you should visit when you’re in the mood for a glass of wine. This focus of this wine bar is providing as upscale an experience as possible, and if you spend one evening here, you’ll definitely come back whenever you want to relax with a glass of your favorite wine.
One of the biggest reasons to visit Veritas Wine Room is being able to sample wines from across the world. This establishment offers over 400 wines from different regions, and because their selection is constantly changing, you’ll have to keep coming back to make sure you can try them all.

Leela’s Wine Bar

If you’re someone who likes to try out new and interesting bars, you should be sure to grab a drink at Leela’s Wine Bar. One of the newest wine bars in Dallas, Leela’s is fast becoming a popular spot to spend an evening drinking wine with friends. With a hip atmosphere and a great selection of wine, beer, and spirits, you’ll enjoy every minute you spend hanging out in Leela’s.
The next time you want a glass of wine, be sure to visit one of these excellent Dallas bars.
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