January 31

Celebrate Valentines Day at one of These Plano, TX Restaurants


Valentine's Day candy heartsValentine’s Day is the perfect time to spend a special night with a special person in your life. Whether it is your first Valentine’s Day together or you have been married for 20 years, enjoy the night together. Leave the cell phones in the car and truly connect with one another. There are a few beautiful locations for your special date night meal, whether you celebrate Valentine’s early or wait until that day.

Tokyo Harbor

The Tokyo Harbor Sushi and Japanese Steakhouse is on the North Central Parkway. The staff invites you to let go of the day and indulge your senses during your meal. Cook your special meal together over the Japanese hibachi. Each meal includes your choice of protein, onion soup, house salad, and hibachi vegetables. You can also create a combo and add steak or a 4-ounce filet to your hibachi experience.  Beyond the hibachi, they also serve Japanese curry, tempura, and katsu.
If you enjoy sushi, there are a variety of options, including cooked rolls like the Cajun roll. It is fried crawfish with avocado. The uncooked rolls include the spicy scallop roll and Philadelphia roll. They also have uncooked rare fish rolls like the Bluefin tuna roll and Toro and jalapeno roll. Finish your meal from their fully stocked bar with Japanese and American spirits.

Urban Crust

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day with wood-fired pizza at Urban Crust on East 15th Street. Start your evening with some wood-fired Bocconcini. It is melted mozzarella with roasted garlic baby Portobello mushrooms and truffle oil. Also, consider the toppings for a make your own pizza. You are allowed up to three toppings, including traditional items like garlic or gourmet toppings like truffle oil, feta cheese, and fire-roasted chicken.
They also offer main dishes such as pasta al Forno and urban cowboy rib-eye that cook in their wood-fired oven. Leave room for dessert, including homemade gelato or Jeanne-Marie’s chocolate cake made with dark chocolate and covered in dark chocolate frosting.

CraftWay Kitchen

Another romantic option for your special night is the CraftWay Kitchen on Preston Road. They take reservations, so you don’t have to wait. Start your meal with the crab stuffed mushrooms or chicken lollipops tossed in a smoked peppercorn sauce. The entree menu includes five-spice baby back ribs with Asian barbeque sauce and macaroni and cheese. You can also indulge in filet cooked in a duck fat sous vide, demi-glace. It also comes with roasted garlic whipped potatoes.
If you enjoy seafood, try the Ahi Tuna with toasted black sesame seeds. It comes with a soy dipping sauce and grilled asparagus. Pair your meal with a frozen drink from the bar or a glass of wine. They serve red, white, and sparkling wine.
Remember, Valentine’s Day is on Friday in 2020. Plan your special night, and enjoy a menu that allows both of you to relax and enjoy the night together. If you have memorable plans, such as proposing, ask one of the staff members to take a picture of you after your meal to remember the moment.
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