September 18

5 Tips for Visiting the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve


a tree lined nature trailArbor Hills Nature Preserve is a natural sanctuary in the middle of the concrete jungle of Plano, Texas just minutes from Dallas. This park offers locals and visitors alike with the opportunity to walk through the wardrobe into another world if only for a few hours, that will make them completely forget about the highways and shopping centers that surround it. To get the most out of your trip, there are a few things to know before you arrive.

1. Know the Rules and Warnings

Rules have been instituted at the park to maintain its role as a natural haven for all visitors. Skateboards, longboards, hoverboards, and motorized vehicles are prohibited. Dogs must be on a leash. All litter, including pet waste, must be disposed of properly.
In addition to following these rules, visitors should remain aware of the wild animals, insects, and venomous snakes that call this area home. Poison ivy is also present in the park, so be aware.

2. Bring Sunscreen and Bug Spray

If you live in Texas, you’re very familiar with the need for sunscreen. While there is some shade at the park, many portions of the trails are in full sun, so to avoid being burned, bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to keep yourself protected.
Since you’ll be in the middle of a natural area, in order to prevent mosquito bites and the possible risk of catching anything they may be carrying, be sure to apply bug spray before heading out on the trails.

3. Download a Trail Map

This park is large, as in 200 acres large. Unless you’re planning on spending an entire day there, from sunrise to sunset, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to traverse every square inch of the park. If you’ve never been to the park, download a trail map.
It’s very easy to lose your way on a hike, so having a map readily available, whether it’s on your phone, or it’s a hard copy, will ensure that your time is spent hiking, not getting lost and searching for a way out.

4. Bring Your Photographer

If you’re looking for a natural setting to take family photos, you’ll find endless photogenic spots at this park. From beautiful fields of wildflowers (seasonally) to tree-lined backdrops, you’re certain to find a natural backdrop for your next family photo or Christmas card that will inspire envy among all of your recipients.
To make the most of your photo-op, try to visit the park ahead of time to locate the spots where you want to take photos.

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