December 13

5 Museums You Must Visit in Plano

A cockpit of a plane with two pilotsThere’s no better way to get to know a place than by becoming familiar with its history. If you want an inside look into what makes Plano, Texas, the city it has grown into, visit the great museums that call it home. No matter where your interests lie, you’ll find an entertaining learning experience at any of these Plano museums.

  1. Interurban Railway Museum

If you’re excited about trains and transportation history, the Interurban Railway Museum is right up your alley. Its rooms are filled with informative displays, memorabilia, and interactive exhibits that take you through Plano’s and the Texas Electric Railway’s respective histories. There’s plenty to explore here for those who take the time to learn the history the museum offers its visitors.

  1. Play Street Museum

To give the kids a chance to explore the world through their imaginations, take them to Play Street Museum. This unique attraction provides children with an Adirondack-inspired village to explore and act in. There’s also a campsite that transports them to the great outdoors. This museum is built to let kids play and develop their minds.

  1. Heritage Farmstead Museum

The Heritage Farmstead Museum is a historical interpretation site that allows you to see what life was like on the Texas Blackland Prairie over 100 years ago. Here, you’ll be able to explore over 10,000 objects and archival materials that present life as it was from 1890 to 1920, and learn about Texas’ past through the fascinating exhibits the museum holds. For the ultimate fun, visit a one-room schoolhouse, a World War I exhibit, the histories of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, and more. If you’re looking for the most information about Plano’s history, this is the best museum for you.

  1. Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Over in nearby Addison, you’ll find the Cavanaugh Flight Museum: a must-see destination for those interested in the U.S. Air Force and aviation in general. You’ll find a vast collection of real historical airplanes at this museum and even get the chance to fly in some of them. The Cavanaugh is also home to a huge collection of military machines, such as weapons, trucks, and helicopters.

  1. North Texas Masonic Historical Museum and Library

For those interested in Freemasonry, the North Texas Masonic Museum and Library is another top attraction in Plano. Whether or not you’re a member of the Freemasons or Eastern Stars, you’ll love the inside look into the world of the organizations at this great museum. The first Masonic lodge in Plano was chartered in 1859, and it’s now an example of Texas life in the 1800s, especially for Masons. The Masons were an important force in shaping Texas into the state it is today, and this museum lets you observe their influence on the culture.
Take time to explore everything Plano has to offer and dive into history at any of these exciting museums. The facts you learn in museums are more than trivia and conversation starters: they’re windows to the past and the world around us.
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