September 27

5 Best Places to Enjoy a Bike Ride in Plano, Texas


a woman and bike silhouetted in a sunset Whether you are an avid biker or just like to get out for some fresh air, there are many options in the area for you to try out. Texas is home to lots of natural and man-made beauty, and a bike ride is a perfect way to enjoy it. We have done the research for you and have come up with a list of what we think are the five best places to enjoy a bike ride in beautiful Plano.

  1. Historic Downtown Plano

What better way to get around beautiful downtown Plano than by bicycle? The historic downtown area is home to boutique shops that are locally owned, art galleries, and plenty of quaint restaurants where you can stop for any meal of the day. All of the roads have bike lanes that are clearly marked making it easy to navigate and allowing cyclists to feel safe on the road.

  1. Chisholm Trail Greenbelt 

The Chisholm Trail is a 10.7-mile trail that features beautiful scenery. The trail is perfect for riders of all levels with a river and lush greenery surrounding it. You are likely to see some wildlife while biking, such as ducks, beavers, and many different kinds of airborne birds. The trail is also kid and dog-friendly, as long as dogs are kept on leashes.

  1. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is located on the west border of the city. It is a 200-acre park with a vast amount of natural beauty. There are three different trails to choose from for your ride. The paved recreational trail is approximately 3 miles, while the natural unpaved area is also about 3 miles and the off-road cycling trail is 2.8 miles. You will see nature in all of its splendor here, but bring bug spray and sunscreen to protect yourself!

  1. The Bluebonnet Trail

Part of the City of Plano trail system, the Bluebonnet Trail covers over 10 miles of bicycle territory. It connects several different trails and community features. You can easily navigate between the parks in town and see a lot of different areas while out on a ride. There is not a ton of shade coverage, so remember sunscreen or go during a time of day when the sun isn’t as high in the sky.

  1. Preston Ridge Trail

The Preston Ridge Trail is a great option for a relaxing ride. It spans over 6 miles. If you take the trail from the south up, you will reach the border of Dallas. This trail is entirely paved so it makes for easy biking. It also connects many different trails running through parks and local schools. The Preston Ridge Trail and the Bluebonnet Trail listed above connect so you can ride both in one day.
We hope that you enjoy your bicycle ride and get a chance to experience some of the local areas we have listed above. With cooler weather coming soon, there is no better time for a ride.
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