June 8

5 Awesome Things About Owning a Jeep


JeepJeep is the kind of automaker that can’t be copied, as their distinct off-road designs are easily recognized and attributed to the brand. But what does it really mean to own a Jeep? If you’re considering a Jeep but haven’t taken the plunge before, here are five cool things about owning one that may make the decision a lot easier.

Ideal Weather Protection

Jeep vehicles are the masters of practical all-wheel-drive systems. You’ll maintain grip and control in heavy rain, snow, and other conditions that would force ordinary cars to stay home. In a time when more and more cars are using all-wheel-drive solely for added stability to a shaky, speed-focused powertrain, it’s nice to have a non-pickup automaker who provides sturdy, weather-resistant vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Jeeps Have Invincible Style

Jeep models tend not to look dated, as every vehicle has the iconic features credited to the automaker. On top of that, Jeep does not chase trends. There are no Jeep models that tried to be extra round and inoffensive during the early 2000’s, and modern Jeeps avoid the urge other automakers have to follow an increasingly over-sculpted muscle trend. There’s something timeless about every Jeep model, and yet each feels unique among the lineup and year.

Removing the Top and Doors

This will chiefly apply to models like the Wrangler.┬áNo other vehicle can handle the kind of adventrous outings that the Jeep can. Driving down a dirt road with the top and doors off can make any driver feel adventrous and carefree. You can easily create a true open-air feel that makes any old path feel like somewhere new and exciting. It’s no surprise that Jeep is especially popular with the most outdoorsy of folks.

They Keep it Simple

Jeeps aren’t just for off-road adventures. They maintain easy maneuverability even in the city, making them a breeze to parallel park. This comes from their simple, practical design. This also makes any routine maintenance check quick and easy, and any necessary repairs uncomplicated and inexpensive. As Jeeps are built to withstand the elements, any required repairs will be few and far between.

The Jeep Camaraderie

The experience of owning and driving a Jeep is so special that is can foster immediate connections between fellow owners. Many owners have identified what they call ‘the Jeep wave’ as an integral part to being a Jeep owner and driver. That is, when they see another Jeep owner, they can’t help but wave. Owning and driving a Jeep is a lot like being a part of a local club. For some, it means literally joining a club as Jeep owners often host local meet-ups and events.
Jeep is a specialized automaker that caters to a special type of driver. If these things sound like what you’ve been missing, then perhaps it’s time to visit or contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions to help you find the perfect Jeep to suit your lifestyle.
Photo via Jeep.com


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