August 23

4 Meal Delivery Services in Plano Worth Checking Out


Pizza boxes stacked upIt always seems like meal prepping and cooking are two healthy habits that we don’t seem to have enough time for. Next time you get the late night munchies or when you want a home-cooked spread without the culinary degree, call in your order for dispatchable dishes. Read on to discover our four favorite meal delivery services right here in Plano, Texas.

  1. Front Porch Pantry

Not all meals that arrive with a doorbell ding are junk food. When you’ve got a hankering for something fit for the table, order a gastronome experience from Front Porch Pantry. These chef-prepared meals are delicious, healthy, and convenient.
A new selection of home-cooked comfort foods graces the menu each week, such as chicken pot pie and traditional family favorites like beef stroganoff. Celebrate Thanksgiving any Monday with a roasted turkey breast dinner and all the trimmings.

Pre-order any meal from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Select your delivery date, grab the package off your front porch, then follow the instructions to reheat your spread and enjoy.

  1. Tiff’s Treats

You know those days? You’re craving something sweet, but you’re binge-watching Netflix and absolutely can’t leave the couch. It’s a good thing Plano residents can call up the friendly folks at Tiff’s Treats for uncommonly good cookies, brownies, and pastries warm and fresh from the oven.
Send a cookie-gram to a friend who’s feeling blue, surprise a loved one on their birthday, or hoard Tiff’s Treats all to yourself. Either way, these tempting desserts are moist and chewy, so don’t forget to order a container of milk. Delivery is $5 or $15 if you’re lucky enough to fall into their extended delivery zone.

  1. i Fratelli Pizza

What list of food delivery localities would be complete without a traditional pizza joint? Our top pick is i Fratelli’s Pizza on the west side. Their customer service is just as amazing as their oddly shaped pies. If you like your pizza crispy, go for the thin crust, and then top it any way you want it.
The fresh Roma tomatoes atop the Margherita pizza bring the flavor of fresh basil to life, while the carne classico is loaded with all your favorite proteins like sausage, pepperoni, meatballs, Canadian bacon, and hamburger. It’s a meaty feast fit for a caveman. Order a side salad with your pie and delight in the flavors of genuinely good pizza.

  1. Zorba’s Greek Cafe

You don’t need a passport to savor authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Zorba’s offers something for everyone in Plano from spanakopita, a baked spinach and feta cheese pie, to the crispy, fried falafels. The yogurt and cucumber tzatziki sauce will keep you coming back for more.
Of course, Zorba’s offers the ever popular gyros, but why not branch out and sample the baked pastitsio? It’s the real deal. Order your Greek culinary adventure delivered through Grubhub for a $2.99 fee.
From rainy weather, couch lock, or an edible gift, there are plenty of reasons to have your food brought right to your door. Try your favorites today.
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