November 22

3 Signs That it is Time for a Wiper Blade Replacement


Windshield wipers on a red vehicleWhen you consider preventative maintenance on your vehicle, you often think about things like oil changes, tire rotations, and changing air filters. Inspecting and replacing your windshield wipers may never even cross your mind. Your windshield wipers, however, are more important than you may think. These signs might indicate that it is time to replace your wiper blades.

  1. Cracks or Missing Parts

You don’t want to learn that your windshield wipers need to be changed after it is already pouring rain. This can result in a dangerous visibility situation. It is important to regularly inspect and test your windshield wipers just as it is the rest of the vehicle. Check your windshield wipers for any cracks, missing parts, or loose pieces. If you identify any of these problems, it is important to replace your wipers as soon as possible.

  1. Corrosion

Many windshield wipers are made with steel materials that can get corroded over time. Things like salt water, sunlight, and road debris can significantly affect the quality of these materials. During your wiper inspection, you should also check for any signs of corrosion. Ideally, you should check your wipers at least once every six months.

  1. Windshield Streaks

If your wipers are leaving streaks across your windshield rather than removing the water, causing reduced visibility. Promptly changing your windshield wiper blades can help prevent a potentially dangerous situation caused by a streaked windshield.

Choosing the Best Wipers for Your Vehicle

Browsing the windshield wiper section of your local auto parts store may seem overwhelming due to the many options available to you. Windshield wipers come in all different types and brands. It is important to choose ones that best meet your budget and driving conditions.

Types of Wiper Blades

Windshield wipers are divided into three categories. Traditional wiper blades are the most common type of windshield blade. They are made with steel and have a rubber blade for wiping. These are also the most affordable wipers you will find.
Beam wiper blades are designed with specific pressure points which remove the water from your windshield more efficiently. In addition to the fact that they work better, these wipers also tend to last longer. You will often find beam wiper blades equipped on newer cars. They are ideal for climates with a lot of rain and snow.
Hybrid wiper blades include the best characteristics of both the traditional and the beam wiper blades. They are priced at a point between each type.
How often do you inspect your vehicle’s important components? How often do you check and replace your windshield wipers? Most people do not do it often enough and put themselves at risk. Fortunately, replacing your windshield wipers is an affordable and easy task. If you feel comfortable, you can even do it yourself. Otherwise, you can visit a local auto parts store or dealership for a replacement. Come by Huffines Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Plano today for all of your windshield and service needs.


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